Viet-Trung Tran Assistant professor School of Information and Communication Technology (SOICT),
Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST).


Viet-Trung Tran obtained his PhD in big data management and processing at ENS Cachan/INRIA France in 2013. He has particularly deep industrial experiences as being intern, full-time engineer, and adjoint data scientist at BKAV, Microsoft Research Cambridge, Trendiction Luxembourg, and FPT corporation. He is passionate in harnessing data for society. In 2015, he founded, the first real-estate analytic platform for Vietnam, that achieved the 3rd prize in Talent of Vietnam Award 2017, and successfully existed in 2018. His current research interests include large-scale data analytics for real-estate, healthcare, labor and financial markets.

Open-source projects


Python Vietnamese Toolkit



vi_spacy contains Vietnamese models for spaCy. We trained word2vec on a combination of wikipedia and news corpus, vector size = 128. Pos tagger and DEP parser are trained on UD Vietnamese.

GitHub (soon to be open-source)

This project aims at monitoring and analyzing public job descriptions and resumes to deliver labor market insights



A List of my publications can be found here.